General Ability Test (Singapore)

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Frequently Ask Questions concerning General Ability Test

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General Information

  1. What is the General Ability Test or GAT?
    The GAT is a standardized assessment of an applicant's general reasoning ability, and it measures observation skills, problem solving ability as well as learning capacity. The GAT provides an objective measure that is free of language and cultural bias. All the information needed to respond to each question is presented within the test item itself. Clear instructions will be given to ensure that applicants understand how to attempt the test.

  2. How can applicants prepare for the GAT?
    There is no need for applicants to prepare specifically for the GAT. All the information needed to respond to each test item is presented within the test item itself, and clear instructions will be given to ensure that applicants understand how to attempt the test. General good practices such as having a good rest the night before the test and having a light meal before the test to ensure a relatively relaxed but alert frame of mind would suffice.

  3. What is the duration of GAT?
    Including the briefing and instructions, the duration of the entire test is 1 hour.

  4. Do applicants have to take another test besides the GAT?
    Beside GAT, applicants may be required to take other test(s)/trials depending on the individual school's admission requirements.

Test Details

  1. What are the available dates for GAT?
    Various test dates have been scheduled for your convenience and selection. Please click
     here to view the available dates and the respective closing dates of the online registration.
  2. What are the available times scheduled for GAT?
    There will be two sessions per test date; i.e. either morning or afternoon sessions. The applicants will not be able to choose their preferred sessions, as the system will auto-generate the test timing which will be reflected on the Letter of Confirmation

  3. Where is the test venue?
    You will receive a Letter of Confirmation email before the test that will advise you of the test venue and the venue address.

  4. Can I apply for multiple schools?
    Yes, you can apply for multiple schools as long as you meet the criteria set by each individual school.

  5. Do I have to sit for multiple GAT tests if I apply for multiple schools?
    No, you only need to sit GAT once and the schools that you have applied to will be informed of your results. Please note that you need to notify Principals Academy of your decision to apply for multiple schools by indicating it in the registration application.
  6. Where do I submit my GAT Application?
    GAT application can be done online. Please click here to apply.
    For applicants with no internet access, a computer terminal will be set up at the Principals Academy's Office for online registration. Please click here 
    for the office address.

  7. Do I have to do different registrations for different schools and how can I go about doing that?
    Yes. As different schools have different registration requirements, you have to apply to the schools of choice directly and register with Principals Academy for the GAT concurrently.

    Pupil Y interested in the admission to two DSA-Sec schools, i.e. participating school A and participating school BPupil Y must directly apply their DSA-Sec application to participating school A and school B separately, before the individual school’s DSA application closing date.

    Next, Pupil Y registers a one-time submission with the test agency, PAI, concurrently. What Pupil Y must do as part of the GAT registration is to select, participating school A and participating school B as their choice of schools on the online test registration form. This is in order for Pupil Y's test result to be sent to both school A and school B respectively.

    Pupil Y can either apply their DSA-SEC application to the respective school first, follwed by registering for the test with the test agency, or vice-verse.
  8. How much does the GAT cost?
    The fee for General Ability Test is S$60.00 (excluding GST). This fee allows applicants to apply for up to 2 school as long as the applicants meet the criteria set by each individual school.

    For applicants applying to SST, an additional S$50.00 (excluding GST) will be charged for the Comprehension Reasoning Test (CRT), for more information on CRT please click here

    The prescribed test fee reflected in the GAT registration is strictly for the test(s) application only and directly payable to Principals Academy.

    The test(s) fee is waived for applicants who are currently under MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) in their primary school. Kindly notify us with the relevant supporting document for waiver of fees.

    A separate school administration fee may be imposed by some participating schools and directly payable to the schools. For more information on the school administration fee, please check with the respective schools which you are applying to for admission.
  9. Are we allowed to make alteration or to withdraw after registration?
    No alteration or withdrawal will be allowed after the submission of registration. As such, applicants are advised to consider carefully and ensure the accuracy of the contents in the application form before submission.

  10. Are the GAT fees refundable?
    No. Fees are strictly non-refundable and applicants are strongly advised to ensure their availability before registering for a GAT date.

  11. If an applicant does not turn up for the test after receiving Letter of Confirmation, can the fee payment be “transferred” to a subsequent application for another test date?
    No. Fees are non-transferable for other test dates.

General Ability Test Outcome

  1. Will the GAT test results be given to applicants?
    No, the results will not be made known to the applicants. Only the schools that the applicant had applied for will receive a copy of the result(s). Applicant will need to check directly with the school on their admission outcome.

  2. Can the GAT guarantee a place in the school(s) that the applicant had indicated in the GAT Application?
    No. The GAT is a test that provides an indication of general aptitude that is not necessarily assessed in school examinations but which is important for academic performace.This information about aptitude, together with other information such as academic information, CCA Involvement/Achievement/Awards/Teacher's Reference will help school to decide admission of successful applicants.
  3. Can the results be shared with schools that are not listed in this GAT website?
    No. Results will not be shared with schools that are not participating in this exercise.

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