General Ability Test (Singapore)

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About Principals Academy

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The Principals Academy Inc or PAI was established on 14 November 2003 as a joint-venture between Academy of Principals (Singapore) and Economic Development Board in response to Singapore Government’s vision of developing the nation into a thriving international education hub. Currently, PAI conducts PACT for international students seeking admission to local government schools at Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels. PAI also administers the SPERS-JC/MI for returning Singaporeans on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

PAI as a central testing agency for GAT provides students with the ease and convenience of applying into Integrated Programme or Independent schools by taking a one-time test instead of taking multiple tests at different schools.

Through GAT, PAI hope to facilitate schools for their selection of applicants for the purpose of general admission into Integrated Programme or Independent Schools and the Direct School Admission exercise.

Principals Academy as the central testing agency will relieve the participating schools of test administration i.e. report generation; maintaining of test norms; etc. As an independent body, it can establish system-wide processes that cannot be done by a single school.
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